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Types of tours
Authentic tour - a trip compiled independently and conducted directly by the author of the program.

Car tour - a trip in which most of the time is spent in a car.

Art tour - trips aimed at inspiration, learning in picturesque places with visits to museums, exhibitions and art education.

Wine tour - a program for those who wish to understand the varieties and types of wine, necessarily with visits to vineyards, farms and wineries.

Water tour - a program with water activities (kayaking, rafting, sapboarding, etc.).

Climbing - active journey to a mountain peak led by an experienced tour leader, most often requires special training or mountaineering category.

Gastronomic tour - a trip for gourmets to discover the national and high cuisine of the region, necessarily with visits to local restaurants or cooking your own food.

Ski tour - a trip to a ski resort with the provision of additional après-ski program, a guide and accommodation at the ski area.

Girls' night out - a trip specially made for women.

Jeep tour - off road trip by an SUV in one or several countries, aimed at overcoming oneself.

Image tour - trip aimed at self-care, relaxation, often with visits to spa-resorts, hot springs, etc.

Yoga tour - an organized program, which includes yoga classes with a professional teacher. It can be combined with an additional program of excursions.

Family tour - a trip for people with small children, which assumes the possibility of separate or joint program of adults and children.

Educational tour - a trip to acquire new knowledge.

Educational Tour - a trip to learn a language or skill.

Surfing tour - trip for surfing lessons, which includes an additional excursion program and surfing instructor.

Rafting - a river rafting trip, most often with elements of trekking.

Trekking tour - an active hiking trip over rough terrain, led by a tour leader, does not require special physical training.

Fitness tour - a type of active recreation, which combines sports, rest on the beach and sightseeing.

Photo Tour - a trip for photographers of different level to one or more countries, aimed at creating unique photographs and photo skill development.

Shopping tour - travel with the purpose of shopping.

Excursion tour - cultural and cognitive journey to places with developed infrastructure, aimed at exploring the sights.

Expedition - an exploratory journey to acquire new information or knowledge. Often accompanied by scientific activity.

Extreme tour - an active journey aimed at testing oneself through the test of challenges, most often sports.

Language tour - a trip for the purpose of learning languages.

Yacht tour - a sea voyage with visits to unique places.
How to add multiple dates
We use one template for one tour.
If you have multiple dates on a tour, don't create copies of the tour with different dates - just add all the dates into one template.
Instant booking
By selecting "instant booking" option, you enable the client to pay for the tour immediately without any additional confirmation from you.

If you need to communicate with the client before confirming their participation in the tour, DO NOT activate this option.
When do I check the "tour is guaranteed" box?
By selecting "tour is guaranteed," you are confirming that the tour will take place regardless of the number of people in the group or other circumstances.

If this is not the case, and in order to conduct the tour you need to gather a minimum number of participants (for example, 3 people), then do not check the box, and write in the comments to the price or in the "important" block, at what number of participants the tour will definitely take place.

If the tour is cancelled due to a shortage of a group and there is no warning about it in the tour form on the website, you will have to return 100% of the prepayment to the tourists, including our commission.
Cancellation policies
Cancellation terms are your agreement with the client on our website when you cancel a reservation. They are the basis for resolving refund conflicts between travel experts and clients. You write them on the tour page.

The service commission is non-refundable, which means that in case of 100% refund you return 100% plus our commission to the client.

We recommend to indicate cancellation terms in details:
- What does the amount of prepayment refund depend on?
- Does the amount of refund depend on the number of days before the tour, if yes, what is it?
- Are there any options for transferring the prepayment to your other tours?

Example of cancellation conditions:
Cancellation 15 days or less before the start of the tour - no refund of prepayment. In other cases, refunds minus actual costs incurred (min. 15% of the tour price). If there are renewed restrictions on movement / border crossing - 100% prepayment is transferred without penalty to other dates with the issuance of a certificate.
If you find a replacement - 100% refund.
Difficulty levels
First level.
Calm rest without moving, with activities within one location. Minimum number of radial movements (retreats, training and educational tours indoors, beach vacations)

Level Two
Activities within a single location. Minimal number of moves. Mostly private transport within the same region. (yoga tours, fitness tours, image tours, sometimes sightseeing tours)

Third level
Changing several locations during the route, walking tours, in infrastructure-developed locations. Constant movement, without changing modes of transport. Approaching each location (photo tours, most sightseeing tours, gastronomic and wine tours, car tours).

The fourth level
Constant movement, change of modes of transport - periodic nature trips. Long-term hiking in the countryside (the majority of trekking tours, sightseeing tours in several regions, jeep tours and rafting, etc.).

Fifth level.
Tours related to sports - surfing, skiing, extreme sports, climbing. Explicit activity in nature (active trekking tours)
Comfort levels
First level
Overnight stays in tents. Amenities in the street. No showers. Accommodation in tents. No hot water.

Level 2
Accommodation in tents/camps. Bathroom and shower are in an equipped camp. No hot water or heating.

Third level
Accommodation in hotels 1-2* or with hot water, heating, no specific smell. Or in rented houses/apartments of standard format. Comfortable campsites, surf camps, base hotels without stars at ski resorts, hostels.

Fourth Level
Accommodation in a 3* hotel or separate houses/apartments with heating, separate sanitary units for each room, with a unique arrangement.

Fifth level
Accommodation in 4* and 5* hotels. Accommodations in glamping or unique boutique format hotels, with views or extra service.
What's the difference between "day by day" and "conditions" blocks?
Important fields that will help tourists better understand the value and uniqueness of your tour are its description and the completed program in the "Day by Day" block.

In the tour description, tell customers what your tour will be about, what experiences and impressions the tourist will have, what places and attractions you will visit. It should be a small, but "selling", catchy text. The description is the first thing a tourist will see when he opens your tour.

There is no need to describe the whole program by hours in the description of the tour. There is a special block "Day by day" for this purpose.
In the "Day by Day" block you tell tourists your itinerary in detail. You can add no more than 3 photos to each day - do this to help the client visualize the trip.

If your new day repeats the program of the previous day, you can make that day similar to the last day in the appropriate column.

Another useful box for travelers is "Terms and Conditions." Write down what is included in the cost of participation. Please note: according to the rules of the service, tours with accommodation and excursion services included are published.

You can add for tourists paid options at their discretion in the "Additional services" block. It can be single accommodation, ordering of individual excursions, etc. The services will be offered to the client before booking.
Requirements for photos
What are the requirements for the photos and the tour cover?
Photos must be of good quality and at least 2 MB in size, all rights for use and distribution must belong to the author of the published tour.
For proper visual design, upload at least 7 photos to the gallery.

According to our research, the number of photos is directly proportional to the number of submissions. Use more photos from your tours!

Note: the first photo published will be the cover photo of your tour.
You can upload a 16:9 image to the cover; resolution preferably from 1440 in width the height is not so important, but not less than 600
Tour moderation
Moderation of tours takes up to 24 hours.
According to the results of moderation, the tour will be published or sent for revision with a moderator's comment in the support chat on the site.

Minimum requirements for moderation:

  • Completed personal travel expert profile (have name, personal photo).
  • Valid tour dates.
  • There are free places in groups.
  • No more than 25 people in a group.
  • The cost is per person.
  • Tour of two days or more.
  • All suitable regions are listed.
  • Specified start and finish city tour (or the city with the nearest airport / train station).
  • Details of cancellation conditions.
  • The tour language is specified (if English is specified, there is a translation).
  • The age of participants, which corresponds to the tour program.
  • There is a description of the tour.
  • There is a detailed program for each day.
  • The tour leader's profile is completed (chosen from the team or have a photo/name/description).
  • Detailed tour conditions (what is included / not included in the price)
  • The price includes accommodation, sightseeing, and all logistics for the itinerary.
  • Specified how to get to the start point of the tour.
  • Added tour cover art.

The moderator reserves the right to request additional information on the tour within the minimum requirements or to correct it independently.
What if there's system error on the page?
If you noticed a system error on the site that does not allow you to publish a tour, please inform us about it in the support chat on the site or at

For a quick solution to the problem, send a letter as follows:

  • link to the tour in which you noticed a system error
  • screenshots or video of the error
  • what you did before the error appeared
Why I don't see my tours on
The tour might be hidden from the list sue to the following reasons:

  • the tour is on moderation and has not yet been published 
  • the tour has been rejected for moderation and moved to drafts
  • there are no active (future) dates with vacancies
  • you activated the "accessible only via direct link" option
  • you need to add a correct region.

What to do?
Check tour status (published/modern/blacklisted).
If published - check actual dates, seats and regions available.
Check whether there is a tick in the box "access only by direct link" and uncheck it.
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