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Earn money running multi-day group tours
Why host on YouTravel?
Sales growth
Gather participants for your tours on Marketplace and earn! Thousands of people who are looking for a special trip will find out about your tour, and we will take care of the rest.
Cost minimization
You set the conditions of the tour, rules, and methods of communication with the participants. You can also set dates and organize the process as you prefer.
Rise of popularity
Coverage of your tours in newsletters, advertising, blog, and social networks. Possibility of joint marketing and participation in promotions
What is YouTravel?
The YouTravel is a technology based marketing platform for the multi-day tour industry, utilising P4P connections. These connections enable your products to be exposed to millions of travellers through our own consumer marketing efforts.
We will create a new travel market,
become a leader in this market
YouTravel is perfect for you if 👇
You want to increase the flow of customers significantly
You want to expand your audience and launch more tours
You start a new direction and
want to dial the flow immediately
You are really tired of spending big money on inefficient digital marketing
You know that multi-days tours are trend in 2019 and you want to be in a team
You want to escape from routine
and focus on traveling
How to get started 👀
✅ Create your experience page
To take your trip to marketplace is easy. Describe the tour, how many people you can take with, add photos and details. The price tool will tell you competitive prices, but you decide what price to set.
✅ Take a group
Meet the participants before the tour — chat with them on the platform. We recommend giving advice on preparing for a trip with you, such as what additional funds may be needed or what to take with.
✅ Receive payment
Secure payment system on completely replaces cash payments.
Go on tour
YouTravel is a profitable and stable
source of attracting clients
Access to a solvent audience
Obtain the confirmed participants
Save time and money
on attracting clients
Focus on your lovely business
Fast growth for new tours
Growth in professional community
Meet the travel experts community
My friend Natalie and I have been living in Asia for four years. We are very close to the Asian way of life, values and views of people. During this time we have learned Asia from different angles. We communicate with the locals as much as possible and ask the details of the culture, so to speak, firsthand. We try different food, look for unexplored places, select the most beautiful locations to show you only the best in the country.
Boris Li
In a nutshell about yourself.
Travelers co-founder of the travel community.
He visited four continents and 51 countries, celebrated the New Year in the Arctic and inhaled the Antarctic air in southern Patagonia, ate frogs in Vietnam and watched the icebergs in Iceland.
Most of all I like to rent a car or a house on wheels and go wherever you look.
The nearest goal-dream — Antarctica!
For more than 7 years I have been creating unique travel routes! My specialization is: wild national parks, Indian culture of South America, jeep expedition and auto travel, photo tours and adventure tourism. I am an expert in South America, a speaker on tourism and organization of expeditions, as well as a photographer and author of articles for National Geographic. Our travel club is a powerful charge of positive emotions and incredibly interesting people! I play the role of inspirer.
Frequently asked question
What are the requirements for travel experts
We cooperate with the organizers of tours in all directions and types. Mandatory requirements for travel experts:
1. You already have a successful experience in conducting commercial tours;
2. You are ready to cooperate and promptly respond to user requests;
3. The price of the tour specified on the service must not exceed the declared one outside of it;
4. Tours should correspond to the declared theme;
5. Before we send a tourist with a travel expert, we can request to provide feedback and contacts of 2-3 people who have already traveled to get feedback.
What are the terms of cooperation with YouTravel?
1. Registration on the service is free;
2. Making any number of tours is free;
3. Cooperation on the basis of the Commission from the involved participant; the Commission is calculated in accordance with the public offer;
4. We do not undertake to fill the places in the groups - all the responsibility lies with the travel experts. When developing the program and cost, consider the state of the market and competition;
5. We add all travel experts to the private chat, where market news, service and special offers from our partners are published.
As YouTravel attracts users?
To attract travelers, we collect statistics, analyze and monitor the interests of your target audience. From the volume of information received, we highlight the key advantages on which further progress is based.
In our team there are marketers who are engaged in promotion more than 4 years. We have gone through a lot, know a lot and constantly improve the content and structure of our site, and this, in turn, attracts even more customers.
How does the payment on YouTravel?
All payments from users are made through a secure payment system. Users make a prepayment after booking, the rest is paid one day before the start of the tour. Travel experts receive an advance payment after confirmation that the tour will take place, the rest they get 24 hours after the start of the tour. How to accept payment is up to you: you can receive money to your Bank account, via PayPal or other means. Payments are made in accordance with the public offer.
Who can become a travel expert on YouTravel?
YouTravel works with travel experts running multi-day group tours with ready-to-book itineraries. There is no cost for a travel expert to list on YouTravel, however there is a set of terms and conditions each Travel expert should agree to and also a standard service fee payable for all confirmed bookings.
What happens if I can't take a group?
In case of cancellation of the tour on which the User has placed an order on due to the fault of the travel expert, the travel expert is obliged to return the funds received for such an Order in full.
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