We combine innovative technology and the empowering experience of traveling with like-minded strangers to achieve improved (and empowering) travel.
Because for us, adventure and genuine connections go hand in hand
We help anyone looking for new travel experiences go from traditional and complex travel itineraries to thoughtfully personalized, non-traditional, small-group experiences. We love to help and listen. We guide travelers through the noise and match them with future friends for their next adventure. We happily execute our customers’ travel visions with precision and deliver fantastic experiences that are breathtaking and unforgettable.

We’re driven by the desire to break into new horizons in the travel industry. We’re a one-stop shop for those actively looking for an unconventional new adventure. To do this, we partner with other passionate travel experts and locals all around the world.

We are here to offer a new way to experience their next destination — one where “You and Me” is the perfect definition of top-notch, collaborative, and all-around fantastic travel.
We speak to the adventurers, daredevils, and travel geeks of the world. But we also speak to anyone looking for a non-traditional way to travel — to those who wish to push their own boundaries and conquer new experiences. We speak to the curious about unexplored corners of the world.
Our Beliefs
We believe in fostering friendships that contribute to exciting experiences.
We believe we are all residents of the world.
We believe technology makes travel easier.
We believe that change is an opportunity to do better.
We believe in partnering and empowering travel experts and locals from around the world.
At Tripsider.com, we can’t wait to meet our next client. Because as soon as they’re ready to embark on their next adventure — we’ll be listening closely. Here, our team of travel experts, developers, designers, and voyagers are prepared to take our clients’ upcoming trip to the next level — and have a great time throughout the process!
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