How to add a tour?
There are 3 main criteria for tours on

1️⃣ Complete and full information - try to describe all the details of the trip.

2️⃣ Structured information - try to highlight important information at the beginning of the description to catch the travelers' attention.

3️⃣ Unique photos - use your photos that show the content of the program. These photos will help a traveler to make a choice in your favor

Where to add your first tour?

What types of tours can be listed on is a marketplace for multi-day small group adventure tours. Only tours created by a travel expert on a certain route or area are accepted for publication. No third party sellers or agencies are allowed. The organizer (=travel expert) can be a guide or a company. The main thing is that the tour itself should be tailor-made or unique in many ways, and not just a slightly modified package.

Each tour submitted for moderation is checked for compliance with the quality standards of the platform:

  • The duration of the trip is at least two days;
  • The group size is not more than 25 people;
  • Clear and well-known travel dates;
  • Detailed program day by day;
  • The price should include accommodation, tour services and all logistics along the route.
How to choose my tour type?
  • Author's tour - a trip compiled independently and conducted directly by the author of the program.
  • A car tour is a journey, most of which takes place in a car.
  • Art tour - travels aimed at inspiration, training in picturesque places with visits to museums, exhibitions, and education in the field of art.
  • Wine tour - a program for those who want to understand the varieties and types of wines, be sure to visit vineyards, farms and wineries.
  • Water tour - a program with included water activities (kayaks, rafting, SUP boards, etc.)
  • Climbing - an active journey to a mountain peak led by an experienced tour leader, most often requires special training or a climbing category.
  • Gastronomic tour - a journey for gourmets to discover the national and haute cuisine of the region, necessarily with visits to local restaurants or cooking on their own.
  • Ski tour - a trip to a ski resort with the provision of an additional program of après-ski, a guide and accommodation at the ski area.
  • Bachelorette party - a trip made especially for women.
  • Jeep tour - an off-road trip in an SUV through one or more countries, aimed at overcoming oneself.
  • Image tour - a journey aimed at self-care, a relaxing holiday, often with visits to spa resorts, hot springs, and so on.
  • Yoga tour - an organized program that includes yoga classes with a professional teacher. Combined with an additional excursion program.
  • Family tour - a trip for people with small children, offering the possibility of both separate and joint programs for adults and children.
  • Educational tour - a journey to gain new knowledge.
  • A study tour is a trip for the purpose of teaching languages ​​or skills.
  • Surfing tour - a trip for surfing, including an additional excursion program and a surf teacher.
  • Rafting is an active water rafting trip along rivers, most often with elements of trekking.
  • Trekking tour is an active hiking trip over rough terrain, led by a tour leader, which does not require special physical training.
  • Fitness tour is a type of active recreation that combines sports, recreation on the beach and an excursion program.
  • Phototour - a trip for photographers of different levels to one or more countries, aimed at creating unique photographs and developing photographic skills.
  • Shopping tour - a trip for the purpose of making purchases.
  • Excursion tour - a cultural and educational trip to places with developed infrastructure, aimed at exploring the sights.
  • Expedition - an exploratory journey in order to obtain new information or knowledge. Often accompanied by scientific activity.
  • An extreme tour is an active journey aimed at testing yourself by experiencing difficulties, most often sports.
  • Language tour - a trip for the purpose of learning languages.
  • Yacht tour - a sea voyage with visits to unique places.
How to add multiple dates to a tour?
We use one template for one unique authoring program. If you have multiple dates on a tour, then don't create copies of the tour with different dates, just add all the dates to one template.
What does "tour is guaranteed" mean?
By choosing the “tour guaranteed” option, you confirm that it will take place regardless of the number of people in the group and other circumstances.

If this is not the case, and in order to conduct a tour, you need to recruit a certain minimum number of participants (for example, 3 people), then do not check the box, and write in the comments to the cost or the "important" block, with what number of participants the tour will definitely will take place.

If the tour is canceled due to a shortage of the group and there is no warning about this in the tour form on the website, you will need to return 100% of the prepayment to tourists, including our commission.

What is an "instant" booking?
By choosing the "instant" booking option, you enable the client to immediately pay for the tour without additional confirmation from you. If you need to communicate with the client before confirming his participation in the tour, DO NOT activate this option.
What is the cancellation policy?
The cancellation policy is your contract with the client on our website when canceling a booking. On their basis, conflicts on refunds between travel experts and clients are resolved. You register them on the tour page.

We recommend specifying the cancellation conditions in detail:
- What determines the amount of the prepayment refund?
- Is there a dependence of the refund amount on the number of days before the start of the tour, if so, which one?
- Are there options to transfer the prepayment to your other tours?

Example of cancellation conditions:
Cancellation within 15 days or less before the start of the tour - prepayment is non-refundable. In other cases, a refund minus the actual costs incurred (at least 15% of the tour cost). If restrictions on movement / border crossing are resumed - 100% of the prepayment is transferred without penalty to other dates with the issuance of a certificate.
If you find a replacement - 100% refund.

How to determine the level of difficulty?
First level
Quiet rest without moving, with activities within the same location. The minimum number of radial movements (retreats, training and educational tours indoors, beach holidays)

The second level
Activity within one location. The minimum number of moves. Movements are mainly by personal transport within the same region. (yoga tours, fitness tours, image tours, sometimes sightseeing tours)

Third level
Changing several locations during the route, hiking, in infrastructure-developed locations. Constant movement, without changing modes of transport. Access to each location (photo tours, most sightseeing tours, gastronomic and wine tours, car tours)

Fourth level
Constant movement, changing modes of transport - periodic forays into nature. Long-term walking outings in nature (most trekking tours, sightseeing tours to several regions, jeep tours and rafting, etc.)

Fifth level
Tours related to sports - surfing, skiing, extreme sports, climbing. Pronounced activity in nature (active trekking tour)
How to determine the level of comfort?
First level
Nights in tents. Amenities on the street. Lack of soul. Accommodation in tents. Lack of hot water.

Second level
Accommodation in tents / campsites. A bathroom and a shower are located in an equipped camp. Accommodation is indoors. There is no hot water and heating.

Third level
Accommodation in hotels 1-2 * or with hot water, heating, the absence of a specific smell. Or in rented houses / apartments of a standard format. Comfortable campsites, surf camps, basic hotels without stars in ski resorts, hostels.

Fourth level
Accommodation in a 3* hotel or separate houses/apartments with heating, separate blocks of bathrooms for each room, with a unique location.

Fifth level
Accommodation in 4* and 5* hotels. Accommodation in glampings or unique boutique hotels with a view or extra service.

How is the description of the tour different from the blocks "day by day" and "conditions"?
Important fields that will help tourists better understand the value and uniqueness of your tour - its description and completed program in the "Day by Day" block.

In the tour description, tell clients what your tour will be about, what experience and impressions the tourist will have, what places and attractions you will visit. It should be small, but “selling”, catchy text. The description is the first thing a tourist sees when they open your tour.

No need to paint the entire program by the hour in the tour description. There is a special block “Day by day” for this.

In the “Day by day” block, you tell tourists your route in detail. You can add up to 3 photos for each day - do this to help the client visualize the journey.

If your new day repeats the program of the previous one, you can make this day similar to the previous one in the corresponding column.

Another useful block for tourists is "Conditions". Explain what is included in the participation fee. Please note: according to the rules of the service, tours with included accommodation and excursion services are published.

You can add paid options for tourists at their discretion in the “Additional Services” block. This can be single occupancy, ordering individual excursions, etc. Services will be offered to the client before booking.

How to add a new day in tour program?
How do add photos? What are the photo and cover requirements for the tour?
Photos must be of good quality, at least 2 MB in size, all rights for use and distribution must belong to the author of the published tour.
For proper visual design, upload at least 7 photos to the gallery.

According to our research, the number of photos is directly proportional to the number of applications. Use more photos from your tours!

Please note: the first photo posted will be the cover of your tour.
You can upload 16:9 images to the cover; the resolution is desirable from 1440 wide height is not so important, but not less than 600.
Do you still have questions?
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