How to make my profile ready for selling tours?
Treat your profile as your business card. The more fascinating and detailed you tell about yourself and your experience, the more clients will pay attention to your tours.

What should you fill in your profile?

✅ Your photo, description and country & languages details;
✅ Your team (if you work not alone):
✅ Payment details.

Before making a choice, travelers usually want to know something about the person they will be traveling with. So, give them what they are looking for :) Tell the clients about your experience, your vision of traveling or maybe even your values. List your positive qualities. Your education. Your career path. Or just tell them about your dreams or your love for the country of your tours.

Please, remember, that it is forbidden to post any company information in the profile: website, phone, e-mail, links to third-party sites.

If you need to edit your profile information, you can do it at any time.

Where I can edit my profile?
Click on "My account" in drop-down menu, or use the link:
How to add a photo and description?
How to add my team?
Click on "edit team info" and add your tourleaders and guides.

Fill in the information:
  • tourleader name
  • email
  • photo
  • description
How to fill in my payment details?
Choose the most suitable payment method and fill in all the fields in the form to verify your requisites.
Do you still have questions?
Write to support chat!