How to pass moderetion?
We respect your expertise and time spent on creating routes and filling out the tour card on our website. But at the same time, customers coming to us expect to see a certain product.

Moderation is the process of checking the compliance of information about the tour with the following criteria:

  • The travel expert's personal profile is filled out (there is a name, a personal photo).
  • Tour dates are up to date.
  • There are free places in groups.
  • No more than 25 people in a group.
  • The price is for one person.
  • Tour of two days or more.
  • All eligible regions are listed.
  • The start city and the finish city of the tour are indicated (or the city with the nearest airport).

Moderation takes place within 24 hours. If you edit the tour in the morning or in the evening, then within 12 hours.
How to send a tour for moderation?
It is necessary to fill in the required fields on the tour page. They are marked *
Blocks to be filled in:
General information
  • tour name
  • main tour type
  • tour country
  • start/finish city
Prices and dates
  • currency
  • current dates
  • number of places in the group
  • tour price
  • prepayment of at least 15% (service commission)
Cancellation conditions
  • tour language
  • program difficulty level
  • accommodation comfort level
  • place of residence
  • tour description
Day by day
  • the number of described days of the program must correspond to the number of days indicated in the "prices and dates" block
  • description of the days
  • choose a tour leader from the team or fill out a form on the tour
  • guide name
  • guide information
  • what is included in the price
  • what is not included in the price
at least 7 good quality photos

If some column is not filled in or filled out incorrectly, the system will not send the tour for moderation and will ask you to correct the information.

And then just click the "To review" button :)

Under what changes is the tour sent for moderation again?
  • General
  • start/finish city
  • Prices and dates
  • adding new dates
  • Cancellation conditions
  • any changes, including adding and changing a letter
  • Details
  • tour description
  • Day after day
  • name of the day
  • description of the day
  • Tourleader
  • choose a tour leader from the team
  • guide name
  • guide information
  • Terms
  • what is included in the price
  • what is not included in the price
  • Photo
  • adding new photos

Do not forget that if you make changes in several blocks at the same time, the tour can be sent for moderation again too! The system reads a certain number of characters depending on the text in the tour.

Can the moderator change the information on the tour?
We often face the fact that before completing the tour, travel experts do not read tips or information in the knowledge base, and therefore they can make mistakes in our categories (for example, the level of difficulty or comfort)
The moderator reserves the right to require additional information on the tour within the minimum requirements or to correct it independently.

Where I can find a moderator's comment about moderation results?
Based on the results of moderation, the tour can be published or sent for revision to drafts. In the case when moderators refuse to publish, they write comments about what exactly needs to be corrected.

You will receive comments in the Support Chat on the site and by email, which is linked to your account.
What should I do if I have an error on the site?
If you notice a system error on the site that does not allow you to publish the tour, please let us know in the support chat on the site or by mail

To quickly resolve the issue, formulate the letter as follows:
link to the tour in which you noticed a system error
screenshots or video errors
what did you do before this error appeared

I don't see my tour in the search results on the site
Why can a tour be hidden from search results?
  • the tour is being moderated and has not yet been published / the tour was denied moderation and moved to drafts
  • no active (future) dates with availability
  • you have activated the option “only available via direct link”
  • did not add the required region

What should be done?
  1. Check the status of the tour (published/under moderation/draft)
  2. If published - check current dates, availability and regions
  3. Check if there is a checkmark next to the line “access only through a direct link”, and uncheck it.
Do you still have questions?
Write to support chat!