Earn more by leading trips according to your rules
Get new clients to your groups by posting trips to Tripsider

What do you get from Tripsider?

Attract like-minded travelers
Describe why you create and run your tours and directly reach people who share your vision and passion for traveling!
Double your tours per year
Tap into wider audiences and new markets with risk-free marketing channel!
Grow your travel company
Focus on what you do best — create excellent tour experience for travelers and we will take care of the rest!
What we look for in travel experts
Connections are more important than travel. We believe that direct communication between travel experts and travelers produces the best experience.
Fixed dates
help you to have a better-planed trips and organize the best multiday experience
Small group
deep connections in the group helps to manage the tour and provide a personal approach
Spread the mission
the specific mission helps you to attract likeminded people in the group
Passionate guide
our clients want to have a great experience, not just a "check" travel
Take us on a tour of your world
You can introduce your passion to new followers by yoga retreats, safaris, expeditions, hikes, yacht tours, or another style of trip.
Show the most beautiful, untouched places where people rarely go.
Yoga and retreats
Share your trips from esoteric, spiritual journeys to beach fitness.
Bring travelers closer to the culture and people of your region.
Join a growing worldwide community
6 172 professional travelers, business owners, photographers, event planners, tour guides, and other experts who are involved in travel. They exchange experiences and advice with each other.
Every step of the way, we're there for you
To make your business and customer experience better, we provide you and your clients with articles, webinars, video instructions, and customer support.
Booking management tools
Voice calls and chats to communicate directly with users, dashboards to manage the cost and number of remaining seats, a mobile app for convenient information, and much more.
Guidance to help you grow
Articles, events, special bonuses, and market research to help you be successful on your business growth journey.
Your scale is our priority
We use different channels to promote your expert-guided trips for millions of users. Promotion through performance marketing, PR events, content promotion, and affiliate marketing are just a few.
How things work
From start to finish, here's a quick overview of the process.
Learn our quality standards
Please check that your trips meet our platform requirements
Create an adventure
tour page
Findability depends on your page. Highlight your expertise and add high-quality photos to make a great first impression.
Start getting clients
If your tours and experience meet the standards, you'll receive verified organizer status and can start to receive bookings.

If you have questions write to us at j.myhill@youtravel.me

Top questions
Who is your main audience
Our target audience is a solo traveler between the ages of 25 and 35 seeking a unique route and a group of likeminded people to explore the world.
Where is your company based
Our remote team is made up of travel experts who believe that they need to be over the world. Representatives of Tripsider are located in the United States, Estonia, Spain and Georgia.
Is there a fee for your platform
No. You can create an account and publish tours for free. After a successful booking, you will pay 15% commission.