Travel as a present
Do you want to surprise your family or friends? Fulfill their dream of traveling while respecting their freedom of choice? Consider a small group tour as the best option for a gift that stands out.
Exclusive present
Gift card valued from $100 to $3000
Always to the point
The recipient can always select the right dates and destinations online
Travel = life experience
They change people for the better – this gift is perfect!
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Specify the amount of the gift
If you want to donate a specific trip, you can insert a link to it
The remainder of the certificate can be used later
If the certificate value exceeds the value of the order, the difference can be used to pay for the next trip.
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What is a gift card?
A travel card is a gift that will make happy every traveler. It allows you to book any small group tour on This present will please any recipient: relatives, friends, significant ones, colleagues, or partners and it is suitable for any occasion: New Year, birthday, wedding, anniversary, etc. You can purchase a gift card in the amount from $100 to $3000

How to use the gift card?
1. Go to
2. Choose a custom tour and select dates (please, verify that the tour is not fully booked).
3. Register on the tour page and send a booking request or chat with the relevant travel expert.
4. Send to the support chat the gift card number and your bonus account will be credited with an amount equal to the face value of the gift card. Your account will show the available amount of funds, which will be automatically debited at the time of payment.

If the gift card value is less than the value of the order, the owner can pay the difference. If the amount of the gift card is more than the cost of the order, the balance remains and can be used to pay for future trips.

Who can use the gift card?
The gift card owner can use to pay for his or her own trip or transfer the gift card right to another person.

The gift card covers the trips offered within 2 years from the date of purchase and can be used as the method of payment within 1 year from the date of purchase. If the recipient fails to do so, the gift card becomes invalidated, and the amount spent by the donor is forfeited.